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Plastic Free Oceans

At Cleanseabed we work to rid our oceans from existing Derelict Fishing Gear, with a special emphasis on Ghost Nets, usually on difficult retrieval areas such as wrecks and subsea structures.

At Clean Seabed we follow and promote the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Marelitt Baltic in Poland

As part of the Marelitt Baltic Campaign, we managed to retrieve several tons worth of derelict fishing gear (primarily ghost nets) from three wrecks in Polish waters: S50, Svanhild and Mount Vernon.

On one wreck alone 1388 kg of nets was found and retrieved by the use of ROV and Divers.

The operation was carried out in a very safe and careful manner, ensuring the integrity of the wrecks while removing the plastic debris and stopping the continuous catching/trapping of fish and marine life.

Partners in Clean Seabed

Clean Seabed is an non-profit organization! 

In order to ensure a high level of expertise within the organization, we have teamed up with a number of expert-in-field companies that can cover subsea operations of derelict fishing gear retrieval operations from cradle to recycling, ensuring a full coverage from legal requirements, locating lost gear, project planning, vessel management, retrieval and recycling of the retrieved gear.

Special Purpose Dive Support Vessels

Vessels designed for offshore conditions and equipped with commercially certified diving equipment , ROV and Seismic Survey Equipment. 

Experienced Crew

We are lucky to have a crew of highly experienced workers, capable of undertaking difficult task, Subsea as well as on the vessels.